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How smartphones can help you in providing active knowledge of Coronavirus

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  2 min read >

The internet is swamping with the news of coronavirus these days. Most of us have an active knowledge of the disease but the people who don’t know much about the virus. Worry no more because in this article you will find the most fruitful online resources to enhance your knowledge regarding coronavirus using your smartphones.

Several outlets are actively reporting on coronavirus. There is so much discussion going on about the virus, it can get difficult to develop a general understanding of what is going on. You will also find the preventative measures in the following resources
. You can check the live status of the diseases outspread via the live dashboards.



CDC stands for Central; of Disease Control and Prevention. This website acts as a one-stop-shop for the coronavirus. For the convenience of users, the page is split into sections where each section offers awareness to the user. Here are the components of the page:

    • 2019 Novel Coronavirus outbreak Information
    • Symptoms and Diagnosis
    • Transmissions
    • Prevention and Treatment

The first page shows an explainer of the disease outbreak briefly. The rest of the three provides the readers with general information on Coronavirus. For in-depth study, you can also download two pdfs available at the CDC website which offers a great deal of knowledge and history of Coronavirus. Via the available documents, users will also know about the steps that should be taken if you are affected by the disease.

Here is the link of CDC’s website:

World Health Organization


World Health Organization’s website is an excellent online resource in knowing about the disease that is caused by Coronavirus. The layout of the website is nicely formed as it offers four sections. The first section offers a Question and Answer in which users can find a one-minute explainer video by Dr. Maria van Kerkahove. She also explains about the origination of the virus and the preventative measure one can take against the deadly upper-respiratory virus.

Users can also locate a section of the site that highlights all the latest news regarding the ongoing outbreak of the disease, travel guide, and a very easy to understand infographics that target readers on every level.
Here is the link of WHO’s website:



CNN has been doing a great job when it comes to the latest information about the virus. CNN is the hub of information as it contains an in-depth insight into the disease since the day it had been on the outbreak.

Viewers can read a lot of articles from the website. In fact, the content is posted in a chronological manner that would help the readers in knowing about the recent activities along with the old most out-dated content.
Here is the link of CNN’s website:

The real deal

For now, doctors are adamant that the disease only spreads after coming in contact with an infected person. However, scientists are digging deep and joining heads to know more about the virus that is causing havoc worldwide. All you can do is to purchase a high-quality N-95 face mask and wear it whenever you are out of the house. Keep your phone clean and keep your surroundings as much germ free as earthly possible.