Merck, Pasteur Institute abandon COVID-19 vaccine development

American pharmaceutical company Merck and France’s Pasteur Institute, two of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers, are abandoning COVID-19 vaccine...

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Jan 26 · >

These AIs were designed to read sentences, but they can also catch coronavirus mutations

Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms have played a tremendous role in analyzing text sentiment and extracting meaning, hence why...

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Jan 19 · >

Corona cases cross 3,000 once again – should the government go ahead with school reopening?

According to the data by the Government of Pakistan (GOP), 3,097 coronavirus cases were recorded on January 13, 2021....

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Jan 14 · >

COVID v2.0? WHO says British virus mutation has spread to 50 countries

We aren’t exactly out of the woods yet as far as this COVID-19 situation is concerned. With the possibility...

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Jan 13 · >

5 Laptops you can buy in under Rs. 35K in Pakistan – 2021

Laptops have seen a huge upturn in demand in the year 2020 with most education and business activity being...

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Alarming mortality rate in Punjab despite second wave of COVID-19 slowing down

The second wave of COVID-19 seems to be receding as the number of confirmed cases across Pakistan have stayed...

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Dec 29 · >

Here’s why COVID-19 mutations shouldn’t scare you

Like most viruses, the coronavirus has shown signs of new mutations since it was first discovered a year ago....

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Dec 22 · >

Bill Gates thinks the Coronavirus could have impacts into 2022

Many people believe the coronavirus pandemic will reach its end with the introduction of vaccines in 2021. However, Bill...

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Dec 16 · >

Hackers target COVID-19 vaccine supply chain

According to a blog post by IBM security researchers, a global phishing campaign has been targeting organizations linked with...

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Dec 6 · >

Get your COVID-19 test results in minutes in Pakistan now

Major General Aamer Ikram, the Executive Director of the National Institute of Health (NIH), has revealed that the National...

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Dec 3 · >

In a landmark announcement, Pakistan to get COVID vaccine in first quarter of 2021

The Pakistani government is all set to procure vaccines for the coronavirus in the first quarter of 2021 as...

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Dec 2 · >

COVID-19 positivity ratio reaches 7.2 percent in Pakistan

According to the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC), the COVID-19 positivity ratio has reached 7.2 percent across the...

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Nov 29 · >