Here’s how you can get more work done in less time

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Aren’t we all seeking a solution to the age-old problem of how to get more work done in less time?

When you’re at the office, often times it can be a race against the clock. Meeting deadlines in time is what we all dread while also having to ensure that our work is top notch. But believe it or not, you can actually get more out of the 7-8 hours that you spend at work.

We see people like Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Ariana Huffington working on multiple projects side by side and we wonder how they are able to achieve it. They may have personal assistants who keep track of all their tasks but, believe me when I say, that you can do it too. And you don’t need to hire a personal assistant. All you need is the right frame of mind to become more proactive and get more work done as the clock ticks away.

Here are my top picks for ways you can do more work in less time but I’ll suggest you follow all of them and not just one.

1. List down stuff before you forget it

With the fast-paced nature of work at offices, it is possible someone will give you a task and you’ll forget it unless you write it down. Keep a notebook with you or just take notes on your mobile, whichever suits you. At the start of the day, write down your tasks and check them every time you’ve finished one. Making lists and checking the boxes will drive you to get more work done.

2. Set personal goals

Not setting goals leads to a very aimless life. Same goes for life at work. You should set a target at the beginning of the day or the month about things you want to achieve. I’m not just talking about long term goals like where you want to see yourself in the next five years, I’m also stressing on goals like what you need to achieve by 5 PM. Write them on a sticky note and stick them on your desk. Seeing them in front of you every day will motivate you to strive towards achieving those goals.

3. Learn to prioritize and schedule

Once you’ve made a list of tasks and goals, make another list prioritizing them. If you start working on a task that isn’t due for the next three months while the one that’s due tomorrow is left pending, you’re in trouble. Pick up the high priority tasks first and schedule them throughout the day or the month. Go back to this list time after time to see that you’re on track.

4. Turn off your WiFi

It is a well-known fact that you’ll never get any work done when you are distracted. And the biggest distraction today has to be the constant buzz that comes with being online. Turn off the WiFi on your phone. Someone who needs to reach out to you urgently will call you. Without the distraction of notifications, you’ll be more concentrated on finishing the task at hand.

5. Become a multitasker

You’ll have to be smart if you want to finish your work on time. For that purpose, get to multitasking. Kill two birds with one shot. For example, if you get up from your desk to go for printing also get lunch along the way so that you don’t have to get up for that again. While your video is rendering you can schedule posts for social media. If you’re out to pick up your kids from school you can TCS that important document you had to mail. I can go on but I trust you get the idea.

6. Take short breaks between work

The prioritization and scheduling list I mentioned earlier, follow that strictly. After, let’s say, 40 minutes of full concentrated work take a 5 to 10-minute break in which you can chit chat, use social media, or grab a coffee. Work more and take breaks in short spurts. Taking long breaks shatters your concentration and you’ll waste precious 10 to 15 minutes getting back in the right frame of mind.

Was this useful? What other tips do you think are helpful for being proactive at work?

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