How To Operate Bike Using Smart Helmet: A Helmet Or A Miracle

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Technology advancement is bringing innovations daily. We have heard about many smart devices that help improve the automobile system. From electronic vehicles to self-driving cars. Recently, Engineer Mohammad Umar has invented a smart helmet using a smart AI device. According to Mohammad Umar, “It has multiple smart features that will help a biker to prevent himself from accidents. A person has to wear a helmet to protect himself from major accidents”.

A smart helmet has different versions with multiple advanced features. To access the features of a smart helmet, a person has to install devices. One will be inserted in a bike whereas, the other device will be installed in your helmet, followed by an Android application.

How Does It Work?

Smart helmet comprises two devices followed by an Android application. The devices work on various sensors. The bike sensor and the helmet sensor are interconnected to each other. Therefore, the bike will not work if one device is missing. In case the person removes the helmet from his head, it automatically shuts down the bike. The sensor installed in the helmet gives signals to the sensor installed in a bike that the person is removing the helmet. Moreover, if anyone tries to snatch the bike, the snatcher will be unable to start the bike without wearing a helmet. This shows that both the devices are connected.

In addition, anyone from your home, a guardian, or a parent can install and access the application on their mobile phone using the ‘sign-up’ option. If any mishap occurs with a biker, the helmet has an emergency button and will send signals every 2 minutes on the guardian’s handset. Moreover, the guardian can also keep track of distance, speed, and time. Guardian/Parent also has an option to set the speed limit of a bike using the application. Moreover, the smart device is comprised of a battery with a charging port, which offers two weeks of battery backup.

In addition, if you are planning for a long route or a trip, the battery will help you throughout your ride. Moreover, you can charge the battery using the bike battery.

Is The Helmet Device Directly Connected To The Bike?

As it is already mentioned the smart helmet works on two smart devices followed by an Android application. Parents/guardians can install the application on their handsets to keep track of the person driving a bike. As soon as the person wears the helmet, the guardian will receive a signal.

The application is helpful in case any accident occurs, it automatically makes a call to the guardian (whose number was fed in an emergency call option). Not only this, but it will also inform 1122 with a call and SMS notification along with the live location. Rescue 1122 is an emergency service number that serves different provinces of Pakistan including Sindh. The service is accessible by dialing 1122 from any phone in Pakistan.

Does The Application Work Without The Internet?

Yes, the application is smart enough to contact the person and will make a call in case if internet is not available. SMS service will work with internet failure as well, the guardian will receive the SMS along with the live location.


The price range of a smart helmet starts from 6000/- and it goes on and on depending on the features. The device took almost 8 to 9 months, from the research stage to the final product

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