How is changing the way we buy toys online

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  2 min read >

The world of e-commerce in Pakistan is headed towards a radical paradigm shift, a few years ago it would have infallible to even imagine being able to shop for laptops, clothes and other paraphernalia from the comfort of your home. Online shopping has become a norm now and is opening up new gateways for the consumer at home.

Unlike having a retail outlet, the world of digital retail is one that requires relatively lesser resources and making almost anyone capable of entering the ring. One such entrant into the world of e-commerce in Pakistan is, let’s take look at this site and see what they have to offer.

The site has a fairly simple, clean and offers a facilitating User Interface. It opens up fairly easily and quickly on mobile and desktops without much wait and when the site has loaded, it shows the user a bountiful variety of options that await them.

While the name suggests that this would be a site catering to children nearing teenage years, they do offer other items of interest that are sure to entice buyers of all ages and genders.

By far, the most interesting part of their website is how they are currently offering an assortment of quadcopters, otherwise known as “aerial drones” to the layman. They offer these in a variation of prices to suit entry level, intermediate and professional enthusiasts of the sport so that all those interested can just “jump in” and enjoy flying one of these without having to break the bank.

quad - Toyzone

While the quadcopters are easily their spot light attraction because of how they have become a trend in the west and are now a hot topic for our local youth, there are many other alluring objects that are surely to catch the eyes of even today’s young adults. you can easily guess the most frequent buyer of “Despicable Me 2 monopoly” which is currently out of stock and you can count on it running out of stock fairly rapidly.

desp - ToyZone

Along with the above out-standing items, the site also has a greater variety of entertainment objects such as small tables for Foosball, Billiards and Air Hockey while still offering other categories in electronic entertainment such RC Cars, Airplanes and Helicopters, each of the items is available in a variation of price, size and needs, allowing many people to readily buy these and enjoy them within a few hours of ordering.



The site also offers a plethora of items for children of young ages and catering to both genders. How ToyZone manages to maintain this price range while offering free home delivery, live customer support, price matching and even a reward points system is absolutely incredible.

The best aspect about ToyZone is how their target audience ranges from newborn infants to even adults to the age of 25. And, The ability to cater to the both genders in an already heavily saturated market could be what gives ToyZone the edge it needs. mentioned that they have a warehouse in Iqbal Town and import all their goods from China, especially the drones. They are in collaboration with other local whole-sellers for toys and they are also acting suppliers to many whole-sellers currently for their popular products.

This is an ideal site to shop at for parents who need to purchase toys to please their infant or even a young adult. If you are looking to buy a RC Helicopter / Quadcopter without having to worry about the availability of a mode of transport. If you want to avoid the hastle of long wait in lines, traveling to the store and finding out the item you want is out of stock then you should try ToyZone.Pk