Huawei is reportedly working on an Android alternative of its own

By Muneeb Ahmad on
April 30, 2018
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Huawei might be working on an entirely new mobile operating system and a Windows 10 alternative of its own.

The China-based tech giant has apparently started working on a mobile operating system of its own, in order to be ready if the US bars it from using Android. According to a report published by The South China Morning Post, Huawei is developing a mobile operating system of its own and is readying itself in case the ‘worst conditions’ hit.

The leak was brought to light following news that Huawei was being investigated by US for violating sanctions against Iran. “The company has been developing and perfecting its own smartphone OS, according to four people familiar with the company’s plans,” the report reads.

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Lately, the Huawei’s top brass leadership seems to be more concerned about it being affected from any of the changes in US regulations. Following an investigation which was started by US against another company ZTE in 2012, ZTE was forced to opt out from exporting US products for seven years depriving it from using popular products like Qualcomm chips and Android operating system.

Ever since then, Huawei started working on an alternative to Android and Windows 10 should the US government ever chooses to ban Huawei from using these too.

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