Huawei P11 to copy iPhone X like notch, report

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  54 sec read >

Apple’s phone design has always been an inspiration for some Chinese smartphones makers but things could get that worse, no one would have thought. A new report from XDA developers has revealed that upcoming flagship of Huawei will feature round corner display and a notch on the top. The device could possibly be Huawei P11 or PCE series with three cameras on the back as revealed earlier in the promotional campaign.

To copy iPhone’s design with few variation is a common thing but copying the best or the worst shot of the design is certainly wrong. However, this is not a one-sided case both Apple and Android smartphones copy each other’s features and technology. The top-notch which became popular in iPhone X was already there in Android-powered Essential Phone. The report from XDA developers has evidence from the official Huawei firmware files in the form of an overlay image which refers to a configuration file that defines the “RoundCornerDisplay.”

According to the report, a configuration file also refers to one of the systems build properties as a “notch.” The report shows an image which has been recreated from the overlay image found in the firmware files.

Furthermore, the report has also affirmed that the upcoming flagship of Huawei most likely be P11 will borrow a 6.01-inch LCD screen from Samsung. The boot animations have revealed the expected resolution of the phone to be 2244 x 1080.

Huawei’s upcoming flagship, not sure which title they will use is expected to launch on MWC which is expected in February 2018.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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