IESCO employees now use a mobile app for timely resolution of customer complaints

By Shaheryar Ehsan on
June 21, 2019
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How many times have we gone hours or a whole day without electricity after a thunderstorm? To address mass public concerns and issues in an efficient way, IESCO management is now using a mobile app to remain connected with staff and the matters at hand. The app connects senior officials with the staff and informs them regarding the current situation of power supply in different parts of the country.

The app has been developed on directives of the Federal Government which is aiming for solving the issues faced by the public at large. Various initiatives have been taken to address the concerns of the people over the past year, such as the Rasta app which is related to traffic-related issues in Punjab, or the moon sighting website aimed for making the process of identifying the moon and predicting important Islamic events efficient.

The application is used to identify faults in the grid line and if there is an issue, the respective department is informed immediately to take action to rectify it. Performance reports will be prepared from the app which will benchmark the time taken from identification of the issue to its rectification. This is in line with the government zero-tolerance policy against any delay in rectification of complaints by any concerned IESCO official. An official commented as per ProPakistani: “The government has made officials responsible for any electricity outage and removing of the fault, as that is what they are paid for.”

Customers will not have to call support centers multiple times now as the app will allow the senior officials to keep a check on the progress of every registered complaint to ensure its timely solution.

How has your experience been with IESCO’s handling of complaints? Are your complaints resolved in time? Let us know!

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