If Apple Airpods were a country, its GDP would be greater than 58 countries of the world

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram ·  42 sec read >

A senior analyst at TheHustle, Trung T. Phan, has highlighted the sales of the Apple Airpods. According to his estimates, the Airpods generated around $18 billion in revenue for Apple in 2020. In comparison, the total revenue of NVIDIA was just $14.8 billion. It also beats the likes of Twitter, eBay, Adobe, and Colgate among many more.


In 2019 alone, Apple shipped around 60 million Airpods worldwide. Combining that with the 35 and 15 million estimated units sold by Apple in 2018 and 2017, Apple had shipped 110 million to customers worldwide.

A quick comparison by YAC showed that the number of Airpods shipped around the world is more than the population of most countries. That brings the population of the supposed Airpods country to number 13th in the world just behind Japan and Ethiopia.

airpod sales.JPG

Even if we consider that Apple’s Airpod sales did not grow at all in 2020 (which is highly unlikely), with an average price of $200, its revenue comes to be around $12 billion. That is more than the GDP of 58 countries. Assuming that Apple makes just 30% in profit from these sales, that is around $3.6 billion in profit from the sales of Airpods alone.

Image Source: Nikkei, YAC