Indian hacker defaces Lahore District Govt website

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February 14, 2017
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An Indian hacker has hacked Government of Punjab’s Lahore web portal in retaliation to the alleged hacking of Indian Home Ministry website by Pakistani Hackers a couple of days ago.

The website,, has been defaced by the hacker named “IND 3MB3R” (Ind Ember). The hacker has even given the link to his Facebook ID which goes by the name “Rudra Sena”. The message being displayed is,

“Hey Admin Your Website Has Been Hacked By

Salute Indian Army

Pakistani Kids Keep Distance From Indian Server.

Reportedly, Indian Home Ministry website was taken down on Sunday by some anonymous Pakistani hacker but Indian Government denied it by saying that it was temporarily down for repair and block.

Pakistani officials have not restored the Lahore website yet.

The cyber war between Pakistan and India has been going on for a long time now. Recently, the servers of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) were hijacked by unknown hackers, with a message that read “Pakistan Jindabad”. In December 2016, a hacker group targeted the Twitter handle of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi. In October 2016, during all surgical strike hype, Pakistani attackers hijacked Indian planes and forced them to listen “Dil Dil Pakistan”. In January, Pakistani hacker “Alone Injector’ defaced India’s National Security Guard (NSG) website. Indian hackers also retaliated by first hacking Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) website and then KPK’s RTI web portal.

Update: The website has been recovered.

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