Indian IT Giant ‘Wipro’ To Spend $1 Billion To Train The Staff In AI

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Artificial Intelligence is a fast growing field and possesses the potential to take the economy to the next level. Generative AI applications such as chatGPT, Stable Diffusion, GitHub Copilot, and other generative AI tools have grabbed the attention of people across the world.

An IT company in India’ Wipro’ has unveiled its plan to spend $1 billion to train the entire staff in AI. Wipro, one of the top software developer companies, plans to invest a massive amount in training its employees. The training includes the entire staff, which is nearly 250,000 people across 66 countries.

The company is also planning to arrange workshops and training sessions on ‘AI fundamentals and responsible use of AI over the next 12 months, and will continue to provide more customized, ongoing training for employees in AI-specialised roles.”

The company has made the decisions after witnessing the enormous growth of AI as it has taken over every field of work. Thierry Delaporte, CEO of Wipro, states, “With the emergence of generative AI, we expect a fundamental shift up ahead for all industries.”


Moreover, the company plans to launch an interconnected software system to unite AI with every platform, and tool.AI has taken the world to the next level. Its intelligence has made remarkable achievements as businesses lay off employees who can easily be replaced.

In addition, the company has planned to bring 30,000 employees from data analysis, cloud, consulting, and engineering teams together to embed the technology into the company’s overall operations and solutions offered to clients.

The latest versions of generative AI have the potential to do as many tasks as they can, such as the classification and reorganization of data. Still, they also can compose emails, write text, compose music, and create digital art.

Wipro will design a plan that maps out the complete AI journey for different roles. The completion of the project will culminate in the credentialing of employees through the Decentralized Identity & Credential Exchange (DICE) ID platform.

Wipro also planned to execute hackathons and challenges on its talent crowd platform. The company says, “The USD 1 billion investment will help further advance Wipro’s AI, data and analytics capabilities and foundation, R&D and platforms, enhance FullStride Cloud, and build new consulting capabilities to help clients adapt to change and unlock new value through AI.”

In addition, the company is also planning to launch a GenAI Seed Accelerator Program, which will benefit GenAI-focused startups with the training required to become enterprise-ready. Wipro is an IT giant with multiple departments and fields within the house; it is launching Wipro ai360, a comprehensive ecosystem that builds on the firm’s decade-large investments in AI, intending to integrate AI in almost every department.

“Along with the launch of Wipro ai360, the company also committed to making a USD 1 billion investment in advancing AI capabilities over the next three years.”
Wipro ai360 will be a fantastic creation that will help unleash a new era of productivity, value, and commercial opportunities through AI and generative AI.

Thierry Desperate states, “Especially with the emergence of generative AI, we expect a fundamental shift ahead for all industries. New business models, new ways of working, and new challenges, too. This is exactly why Wipro’s ai360 ecosystem places responsible AI operations at the heart of all our AI work. It’s meant to empower our talent pool and be ubiquitous across all our operations and processes and our solutions for clients. We are ready for the AI-driven future!”

Wipro’s new global venture will open the doors to new agility, speed, and depth levels.

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