[Update] Internet services disrupted in Pakistan

By TechJuice on
July 5, 2017
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Major Internet users in Pakistan are facing internet disruption. This has been confirmed by TechJuice and its readers across Pakistan.

Currently, mix number of websites are either working for some users or not working for some users. We have checked that PTCL internet services are having these issues and the Internet Service Providers using PTCL services are facing trouble browsing a limited number of websites in Pakistan.

According to our users, Facebook, Twitter and other major services are working but certain platforms like WhatsApp, Quip, Feedly and local websites including ecommerce and certain news websites are not opening.

At the time of writing this, TechJuice is also facing issue in opening certain websites. The root cause of the issue is still unknown and there hasn’t been any official word from PTCL on this front.

UPDATE: Internet Services are now restored and all reported websites are now working fine.

Are you also facing any issue browsing the internet? 

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