iOS 11.1.1 is out now, fixes some bugs

By Uzair Khalid on
November 10, 2017
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We told you about a weird bug on iOS a couple of days ago. The bug was in the keyboard where it auto corrected the letter ‘i’ to A[?], yes, that’s correct. For example, if you write “iPhone” on your keyboard, it will be automatically corrected to A[?]Phone. Now, how annoying is that? That can totally confuse someone if you send them a message with the weird symbol.

Well, it looks like Apple took this bug very seriously and released a fix in just 2 days. Today, Apple released the iOS 11.1.1 and it solves that weird issue. The new update is not a feature update, it just solves some bugs including a bug in Siri where “Hey Siri” command stopped working.

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We already know that iOS 11 is full of bugs. It even had a visual big which caused its calculator to operate abnormally. Moreover, it has some battery issues like the battery drops to several percentages without any reason. Hence, it started making problems as soon as it came out and Apple has finally started to resolve the issue by pushing updates.

iOS 11 hit 50% market share in less than 2 months whereas iOS 9 hit the 50% adoption mark in under a week and iOS 10 hit the same mark in less than a month. So when we compare iOS 11 adoption to the adoption of iOS 10 and iOS 9, it is a lot slower. These random bugs could be one of the reasons for the slow adoption of the latest version of iOS.

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