iPhone 8 to ship with highly advanced facial recognition tool, a leak claims

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >
iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is expected to be launched next month, and with that leaks regarding the specifications of the phone on social media platforms have also increased. New leaks kept coming with each passing day. A leak has suggested that iPhone will feature a powerful and highly advanced facial recognition tool, which will be able to tell when the phone owner is looking at it. The astonishing feature which leak has confirmed is that the tool will work even when the phone is lying on the flat screen— meaning you don’t have to hold the phone in your hand to use the technology and to unlock your phone.

If the leak is correct then it would certainly be a great jump in facial recognition technology as no other company is offering a smartphone that can detect one’s face or eye movement while lying on a flat screen. Moreover, the leak also suggested that with the new facial recognition technology the phone will be able to mute notifications sounds to save the battery.

It is also suggested that the new technology might detect and save more than one face and give access to different people to unlock iPhone. Rival company of Apple, Samsung has created and is using a feature named smart stay, the feature detects the user’s eye movement to keep the screen lit. But in this case, a user has to hold the mobile in his hand and near the face where the detector can easily detect the eye movement.

On the other hand, Apple has designed a facial recognition system which works on wider scale and angle.

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Furthermore, according to previous leaks, the new iPhone 8 will be priced between $1,100 to $1,200. If the information provided by the leak is correct then it means that this will be Apple’s expensive phone yet. Additionally, it is also rumored that the upcoming Apple phone might feature a wireless charging option with a stereo setup.