Facial Recognition

Researchers come up with a new facial recognition system that requires a person to smile or wink

Face unlocking can still work sometimes when a user is asleep or even via photographs. But, an engineering professor...

Mar 17 · >

This EU-funded AI judges your face and tells you how “normal” you are

Getting judged by society is bad enough, so you can imagine what it feels like to have an AI...

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Oct 8 · >

Zoom and Twitter hit by allegations of racial bias in their visual algorithms

The last thing you want to hear as a technology company with a massive user base is that your...

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Sep 21 · >

Amazon bans police use of its facial recognition tech following racial bias concerns

Tech giant Amazon has decided to put its foot down as far as the American police’s controversial use of...

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Jun 11 · >

Facebook and Twitter among companies that want Clearview AI to stop scraping their images for facial recognition tech

Facebook has become one of the number of companies to demand facial recognition startup Clearview AI stop scraping photos...

Feb 8 · >

Data of around 100,000 passengers compromised through cyber-attack on border patrol database

A hacker named “Boris Bullet-Dodger” stole the information of around 100,000 passengers through a cyber-attack on the US Customs...

Jun 13 · >

Police cars might soon have facial recognition technology

It is possible in the future that police cars might be able to track your face from the crowd....

Mar 19 · >

Amazon’s facial recognition AI misidenitifes politicians as criminals

A report published by American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) indicates that Amazon’s facial recognition system, Rekognition, has misidentified 28...

Jul 27 · >

This school scans classrooms every 30 seconds through facial recognition technology

A high school in China has made a facial recognition technology system that scans the student’s behavior in the...

May 21 · >

iPhone 8 to ship with highly advanced facial recognition tool, a leak claims

iPhone 8 is expected to be launched next month, and with that leaks regarding the specifications of the phone...

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Aug 11 · >

Japan to provide USD 4.4 million grant to install Facial Recognition System at Pakistani Airports

The Japanese Government has agreed to provide a grant of ¥500 million for improving security by installing “Facial Recognition...

Feb 25 · >