iPhone X camera gets 97 on DxOMark, Pixel 2 is still the champion

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Apple iPhone X

DxOMark is a leading source of testing and rating smartphone cameras. It tests all the flagship devices and gives them a score based on their performance. This year, when the iPhone 8 Plus launched, it got the highest score of 94 but the Galaxy Note 8 soon approached it and also got the same score. Then Google released the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL which got the top score of 98.

Now, as the iPhone X has been launched, it has been tested by DxOMark and has been given an overall score of 97, which is still behind Google Pixel 2. It now levels with Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s camera which also has the same score. 97 is the overall score for the phone, if we break it down, the iPhone X got 101 points for its photo performance and 89 points for video performance. Moreover, it got 91 in stabilization and 90 in exposure & contrast.

Here’s the detailed camera score:

iPhone X camera dxomark

There’s one thing to keep in mind that the score given is not from 100, the score is out of infinity and a higher score means a better camera. However, you should rely on detailed DxOMark scores rather than the overall score as it will help you choose a better camera according to your preferences. Moreover, DxOMark is not the ultimate way to check the camera.

Here are some sample photos captured by the iPhone X.

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