LinkedIn now has Snapchat-like video filters and text styles

By Talha Saqib on
March 21, 2018
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The job-oriented social network, LinkedIn is well known for helping the users to find them jobs or to connect them with the people affiliated with companies of interest. Being thoroughly work-related, the network doesn’t seem to bring some fun or entertainment like the other social media platforms provide, namely Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. However, LinkedIn is now trying to change that as yesterday, it introduced the video filters and text styles to its mobile app to make things less serious and more fun.

The professional network rolled out its video feature back in August last year to let people record or upload clips and then post them on their feeds. Later on, in October, it already started testing the video filters for some specific events. At this moment, it seems that the platform is ready to launch the feature worldwide as they have officially introduced both the filters and text styles in a blog post.

Before anyone gets excited, it must be noted that the new features might be an inspiration from Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, but in reality, at this stage, these are nothing like the ones being offered by the aforementioned media platforms.

As currently in LinkedIn, there are no options for adding GIFs, face-altering effects, funny stickers and even cool filters that changes quite much on the screen. What the platform is providing is three filters that say, “Work High Five”, “On the Air” and “Side Hustle”.

For the video text styles, there are also just three styles for now, which are FifthAve, Geometric and Plain. The company says that these would allow video creators to “add context so your community knows what’s happening, even when the sound is off.”

Now, it would be unfair to mark this new change as something ‘boring’ and ‘not enough’ even though these judgments seem accurate to much extent, because it’s simply just the start from LinkedIn and moreover, the network has promised to add more of filters as well as text styles in the future.

The features are presently usable on the latest versions of the LinkedIn app for Android and iOS.

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