LinkedIn’s career explorer gets you new jobs based on your skills

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LinkedIn has been the ray of hope for many during the pandemic as they have lost their jobs and have had difficulty in finding a new one. An estimated 140 million people were left without a job.

So LinkedIn has been working since then to create a new tool to help its userbase get new jobs as it predicts there are 14+ million jobs available on its platform alone. Using the data of the jobs available, the people at LinkedIn have identified the fastest-growing skills on the platform since the start of COVID. The main focus seems to be on digital skills like data analysis, programming, and digital marketing.

LinkedIn is trying to help its users by launching the Interactive Career Explorer tool. It is available in beta and it helps job seekers map the next step to a job. How? It just looks at your previous experiences and skills and tells you how they can translate into new skills and jobs. It provides you LinkedIn Learning courses needed to fill any skill gaps left. It also allows job seekers to see who in their network has relevant experience so they can easily reach out for guidance and advice.

The previously introduced #OpenToWork profile photo frame also makes it easier for job seekers to interact with the professional community and even receive interviews and job offers. More than 3 million people have already used this feature according to LinkedIn and they are receiving 40% more InMails from recruiters.

They are also revamping their Interview Prep tools to teach you how to ace the virtual interview that could potentially get you your next job. Moreover, there are nearly 1,000 hours of free learning courses from Microsoft and LinkedIn already available!

Last but not least, a #Hiring photo frame is also available for recruiters so they can let the community know that they are looking for a person with a particular skill.
So what are you waiting for? Go to LinkedIn, update your profile, learn some new skills and get a job!

Written by TechJuice
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