Mark Zuckerberg has a crazy vision on what will come after the smartphone stops being interesting

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Mark Zuckerberg has decided to show off his crazy plans and ambitions for Facebook that are expected to occur in the next 10 years during the San Jose’s Facebook F8 conference.

His three-step plan for technological advancement includes:

1. Developing new technology that will surprise everyone.
2. You create a product that’s based on it.
3. You turn it into an entire ecosystem, that other developers and companies can use to advance their own businesses.

His vision was first announced back in 2016, but without any details. It includes the fact that by 2026 the whole world will have internet access, and the AI will be so developed that we’ll be able to talk to it as easily as with one another.

Screens will be out of use since Zuckerberg believes we’re going to have tech that will stream everything directly into our eyes and brains, which will also be used for typing as well. Basically, he wants to create a technology that will allow us to communicate with machines through the use of our minds only.

This is all quite exciting, but the question remains, will the internet and the companies like Facebook have access to everything we see or hear. Maybe even think.

Where will it stop, or will it stop at all?

This might not be all that crazy since we’re one year closer to 2026 and Zuckerberg’s plan has started to unroll. This actually might even be a reality in 5 years, if Facebook’s augmented reality glasses are finished by then. We could literally think into them and they would do the typing, pointing and clicking.

This really goes far when it comes to ultimate sharing, and the potential here is enormous. They’re even working on a “social VR” app that will allow users to hang out in a virtual reality. And with the developers getting closer and closer to the AI, you might even end up in a deep conversation with a machine without even knowing it. They’ll be much better than Facebook’s bots, and you’ll be able to reply to them only by thinking.

This might seem far-fetched, but it will soon happen, and the question is, will we have any of our privacy left at all.

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