Meet the 24 startups selected for the 4th cohort of NIC Islamabad

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The National Incubation Center (NIC) is a first of its kind technology hub, launched under the public-private partnership of Ministry of IT & Telecom, Ignite Fund, Jazz & Teamup. The NIC is providing access to resources and expertise to young entrepreneurs, enabling them to reach their true potentials, grow the local communities and bring the 4th Industrial Revolution to Pakistan.

NIC provides incubated startups with opportunities to nurture their business, create jobs, provide industry linkages and a conducive environment, thus contributing to the economic development of Pakistan. They offer startups a state of the art facility fulfilling their requirements of an initial office space while also providing them access to the influx of visitors including 50+ alumni founders, 200+ mentors, 50+ Jazz Domain Experts, and hands on support from Teamup who provide guidance on strategy and growth. Startups at a mature stage receive support from Jazz as part of the Jazz XLR8 Program.  NIC provides them with a well-rounded community helping them make the right connections with networking opportunities, backed up by an extensive customized curriculum to build on their Business Acumen and Skill Development.

NIC is proud to announce the induction of its Cohort 4 on the 17th September 2018 with 25 startups for a period of 12 months.

Cohort 4 startups include:

1. Andastand

Andastand is Pakistan’s fastest growing Digital Media Company. They’re on a simple mission; to create original refreshing content and to influence people with the power of social media. They want to show the lighter side of Pakistan that is viewed and enjoyed by people around the world. They focus on generating content that every Pakistani can relate to, not just the 1%!

2. Beyond the Classroom

Beyond The Classroom Education (BTC) is a Pakistani education organization focused on creating a global citizenry tolerant of differences and equipped with the ability to think critically about the abundant rhetoric of intolerance. Their mission is to work with students in their formative years to develop an understanding of identity, while building their capacity to become empathetic and critical thinkers.

3. Biotnic

Biotnic is a Biotech Company Working in the domain of Healthcare services. They are creating medical diagnostic and screening solutions using AI & Machine Learning that are cost effective, gives real time results and increases the efficiency of diagnosis with high accuracy.

4. E-Shagird

E-Shagird is an online educational platform that uses technology to make education more interactive and fun. They provide solutions to overcoming the problems of distances, transportation, low quality education, non-availability of teachers in backward areas, different mind level of students and costly education. They are targeting HSSC, SSC and Competitive Exams in Pakistan

5. ERP Studio

ERP Studio is making affordable ERP Solutions for client need. ERP Studio’s 1st Produc is Zed-Keen ERP, A SaaS base ERP Solution that based on hybrid model, cloud and offline as well.

6. Flash Freeze

FlashFreeze is providing innovative technology in air conditioning business by introducing FlasCube 1; a half ton air conditioner that utilizes power equivalent to just one conventional ceiling fan. It uses indirect evaporative cooling technology which consumes ultra-low power and state of art materials. The product is targeted towards low income households and the underprivileged class, increasing their social impact in Pakistan.

7. Frontmat

Frontmat brings messaging and analytics for customer service to one platform, helping businesses have real conversations that build real connections. Designed to feel like the messaging apps used every day, Frontmat lets businesses talk to customers and keep track of what matters most to them.

8. Fues

Fues is the Future of Shoes. Fues are shoes that will automate the task of wearing and taking off your shoes AND socks. And what makes this product more viable is that it is analogue, making it the first ever auto-shoe that is practical enough to replace ordinary shoes.

9. Geo-FTTx

Geo-FTTx is the automation of fiber networks. It is the software system that provides the green area as well as brown area automated network planning which can also be utilized to manage the networks. 

10. HAS.

HAS. (Heart Attack Suspension) is a fully functional and cost effective wearable smart device that allows prognosis of cardiac arrest some time prior to impact using high-end computational algorithms and alerts concerned care-givers to move patient quickly to cardiac support in cases of minor, major or massive heart attack. The idea is to provide timely as well as cost-effective solution to heart patients in Pakistan and speed up the process of cardiac support in case of a medical emergency.

11. Hina Shahrukh Tech

Their startup is developing a blockchain platform and front-end applications that are secure and immutable, utilise distributed computing and provide significantly enhance data reliability in trust less use-cases. Initial implementation is a donation management and reporting system that provides real-time information money utilisation – tracking vendors paid and categories of items on which funds were spent and for whom, while maintaining privacy of beneficiaries and organisational information. 

12. Konnectin

Konnectin is a social media application that acts as a tool for its user.  Our aim is to maximize the user’s interaction with other people in real life. With easy filtering, our users can get in touch with people of similar interests no matter where they are. Users can also opt between getting ‘konnected’ for a socializing experience as well for any services they wish to use or provide to others. 

13. Medical Mart

Medical Mart will be the first online marketplace aimed at penetrating untapped segment of medical equipment and devices. Their portal will be designed to serve the needs and requirements of Medical institutions, Hospitals, Clinics, Rehab centers as well as direct consumers. It will help hospitals to reduce their procurement cost resulting in affordable healthcare facilities to the people. 

14. OtusTech

Otus Technologies is developing a novel SaaS application for Aircraft design and analysis called DynaFlight. DynaFlight software suite is a comprehensive flight loads analysis software. Its closely coupled Aerodynamics, Flight Dynamics, and Aeroelastic analysis modules make it an ideal platform for rapid aerodynamic sizing and concept-through-certification analysis solution, designing, testing, and certifying small airplanes and UAVs. The software is also integrated with state-of-the-art numerical libraries and GPU architecture for an efficient computational platform.

15. Pak-Agri Market

Pak-Agri Market is a marketplace for different stakeholder in agriculture market; connecting farmers with peer farmers and farmers to potential buyers- individual buyers, whole-sale buyers, hyper-markets, commission agents, dealers and exporters. They aim to give farmers direct access to market for selling their crops which will maximize their profits. They also provide bi-weekly informative articles aided with audio. The website is designed by farmers for farmers; it is easy to use and supported with both Urdu and English Language.

16. Pak Trips (

PakTrips is a travel recommendation and planning platform helping people make their complete travel plans. Their platform also provides people with a community of other travelers making it easier to share travel experiences.

17. Qurbani App

Qurbani App is Pakistan first dedicated platform for livestock lovers. Qurbani App is a unique platform where Vets, Farmers, Mandi Owners, Traders, and Livestock enthusiasts can interconnect with each other and can sell, buy and share their animals. A part from this Qurbani App is providing Sadqah, Aqiqa, Bara as well as Ijtamae Qurbani Services throughout the year. Bring Livestock market to your doorsteps!

18. Radical Growth

Radical Growth Solutions aims to introduce low-cost agricultural management & operations enabling tools, which will optimize farming; by enhancing crop quality & quantity, improving use of farm resources & equipment, real-time monitoring & automating irrigation systems, organic fertilizing and pest control transforming farms into smart spaces.

19. Star Code

They have developed modern cross platform solution that helps to manage purchases, inventory, expenses and sales for small businesses. StarCode is a POS integrated with complete inventory management solution.

20. Stonestyles

Stonestyles aims to exploit the natural resources of Pakistan through devising a mechanism to excavate the natural stones through best possible manner and then marketing it to local and international market by utilizing the latest technology and equipment. Also to make use of locally originated raw material in making the high end products and giving value addition to it. It also aims to improve the livelihood and economic independence of those underprivileged people related to this industry and otherwise through different community programs.

21. Surilli.IO (

Surilli.IO provide tools for creators to develop internet-connected products rapidly. Their IoT development platform, surilli.IO helps anyone to prototype and manage IoT products in the shortest amount of time, at very low cost with limited technical knowledge. There are an exceptional number of applications that can make use of the product, from home and office automation to production line and tracking. So, if you have any IoT based idea, you can make a working prototype in minutes using surilli.IO

22. Vixum

Vixum is a pair of smart glasses for visually challenged people to overcome the barriers of blindness and visual limitations using Artificial Intelligence and enable them to work and live like healthy people.

23. Your Kart is a specialized online retail store dealing in apparel and beauty products of locally operating brands. The idea to integrate inventories of all such brands or retailers on a single platform, helping retailers with better outreach and enhanced sales with minimal to no overheads incurred to them. 

24. Zambeel Mechanic Craft

Zambeel Machine Craft is a Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) company that designs and develops robotic equipment for architectural woodwork and composite-work. They run workshop functions as a commercial test of their equipment and serves architects and interior designers for made-to-order products. The company focuses on indigenous development and intends to modernize the manufacturing sector of Pakistan.