Meet The Smartphone Which Gives 320 GB Storage In Total

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Sangus V2 320 GB Storage

Saygus V2, a new brand, announced a smartphone with a storage space of a mini laptop at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015. The smartphone provides 64 GB on-board flash memory with support for two 128GB microSD cards providing 320GB storage in total. Yes, this smartphone will blow your mind with its more than enough storage for your data requirements.

This is definitely a good news for people who spent their entire life on smartphone and even, 32 or 64 GB, is not enough to fulfill the requirements.

The smartphone does not stop here; wait, till you see what’s stored under the hood. Sagyus V2 has Android 4.4.4 installed on it with Lollipop support to come soon. The smartphone runs on 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm processor with 3GB RAM and packed with 3,100mAh capacity battery. Additionally, it has 21 MP back and 13 MP front end Camera along with 5-inch Full HD resolution screen.

It seems that the manufacturer has not skimped on any feature. Some special treats include 60 GHz Wi-Fi band support, Harman Kardon-enhanced front speakers and power-saving chip to conserve 50% of the battery. Additionally, the smartphone is equipped with fingerprint scanner, wireless charging and NFC.

The smartphone is sleek with thin bezels which look rough and unimpressive though it is coated with bulletproof vest material – Kevlar and it is water proof. This smart beauty will be launched in US market this year with $100 less price as compared to other top smartphones.

Let’s hope it is not all-talk-and-no-work product as the features seem too good to be true. Fingers crossed!

Written by Sarwat Fatima
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