Microsoft and Google end long battle, drop 20 Lawsuits

Fahim Zapoh Written by Fahim Zapoh · 56 sec read>

The tech giants Microsoft and Google have decided to end their long running patent feud over smartphones and Xbox.

The two companies have been amid a litigation battle for five years.

Microsoft tried to stop Motorola ( which was owned by Google up until January 2014 before being sold of to Lenovo ) from using some features such as a feature named “ActiveSync” that lets users synchronize the calendars on their phones and desktop computers in its phones. Microsoft also started litigation in which claimed that Android infringed on its patents, and started demanding royalties from phone manufacturers such a Samsung and Motorola for Android licensing Agreements.

Motorola then filled a counter-litigation demanding royalties from all Xbox sales, which equaled about $4 billion annually, because of its use of Wi-fi and video compression technology.

Google then became further involved in the litigation feud after it acquired Motorola in 2013.

After dropping about 20 lawsuit they announced that the two companies will be working closely together in the future to further strengthen the protection of intellectual property.

A joint statement read

“Microsoft and Google are pleased to announce an agreement on patent issues. As part of the agreement, the companies will dismiss all pending patent infringement litigation between them, including cases related to Motorola Mobility.”

It also said

“Separately, Google and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers.”

Google and Microsoft in collaboration with the likes of Amazon and Netflix are also said to develop and royalty-free video compression technology.

Source: Bloomberg, TheVerge