Microsoft launches Edge browser for iOS & Android but who will use it?

By TechJuice on
October 5, 2017
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In a surprise move today, Microsoft has announced its browser Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android.

The browser of iOS is currently available in the store but for Android, it is expected to hit the Google Play store very soon. For Microsoft Edge users, this is going to be a great news as the familiar features like your favorites, reading lists, and reading view across PC and phone will now be available on Android and iOS both.

A unique feature that Microsoft Edge has is continuity – the ability to move the content you are reading on Mobile to your PC or vice versa. This is a very handy feature.

Initially, the browser will be rolled out to the US but is expected to be available in other markets soon. Edge browser is the successor of Microsoft’s notorious Internet Explorer. Unlike the Internet Explorer, Edge has found quite a few fans and has been appreciated by its users. But the truth remains that Microsoft Internet Explorer has a bigger market share than Edge.

In addition to that, Microsoft has also launched ‘Microsoft Launcher‘ for Android phones.

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