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Microsoft introduces real time translation app called ‘Group Transcribe’

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Through one of Microsoft Garage’s projects, the company has introduced a new application called ‘Group Transcribe’ that allows users to engage in seamless communication while having the speech translated in real-time.

This application was developed by Microsoft Garage where employees of the companies test and develop personal projects of their own. In order to use the feature, one person would have to initiate a meeting from their device and send the invite to others to join. Once all the participants join the call or session begins and each person will receive a translated transcript of the call. In short, whatever the other person is saying in a different language the user will receive a translation of all that speech in the form of a transcript.

Image source: Microsoft

The application is powered by AI speech and language technology which has the ability to transcribe speech at high accuracy by utilizing the device’s microphone. On the backend, the application uses the power of the cloud to oversee all the processing. The cloud service will determine determines which device is closest to the speaker and then will further determine the user’s respective language preferences.

Image source: Microsoft

Moreover, if one user wants to communicate in their own language the application will then provide the translation of that speech to the other user in the language that the user can understand.

Through this app, Microsoft aims to takes the next step in accelerating global inclusivity. This is especially useful for people who are deaf or have certain hearing problems.

Additionally, the app will not only give real-time translations but will also show what the other person originally said ensuring there is no miscommunication.

Currently, the application is available on iOS and will soon roll out to Android.

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