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Microsoft Launches New Bing And Edge Browser With An Updated ChatGPT AI

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Microsoft, a leading tech company, is constantly trying to upgrade its browsers with ChatGPT. OpenAI creates ChatGPT.

Microsoft is planning to use conversational AI to create a new way to browse the web. The company intends to enable users to chat with Bing, like chatGPT, in a conversational mode.

Moreover, the company plans to upgrade its Edge Browser with AI-enhanced features alongside other AI tools. The company promises to provide a new experience of browsing the web with new features and finding information online.

“It’s a new day in search,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Nadella argued that the paradigm for the search had stayed the same for a decade. This is the right time to bring new features to our web.

“The race starts today, and we are going to move and move fast. Most importantly, we want to have a lot of fun innovating again in search because it’s high time”.

In addition, the new Bing is working to bring new configurations. The one mode shows traditional search results side-by-side with AI annotations. At the same time, another way allows users to talk directly to the Bing chatbot. It will work exactly like chatGPT.


In a demo, Microsoft displayed multiple examples of searches, querying Bing for recipes, shopping from Ikea, and travel tips. At one place during the demo, Bing was asked to “create an itinerary for each day of a five-day trip to Mexico City.”

Amazingly, the answer was by the chatbot, which described a rough itinerary along with the sources for more information.

Moreover, the new Bing can also retrieve news about recent events. The company says the new features are all powered by an upgraded GPT 3.5. It is an OpenAI language model that powers chatGPT.

Microsoft names it as “Prometheus Model” and says it is more potent than GPT 3.5 and better able to answer search queries with updated information.

In addition, Microsoft is launching two new AI-enhanced features for its Edge Browser. The new options are “chat” and “compose.” The options will be available at the Edge’s sidebar.

The “chat” option allows users to summarize the webpage, whereas “compose” will provide writing assistance. The compose option will help to generate text, from emails to social media posts, based on a few starting prompts.

On the other hand, Google Unveiled Bard, its chatGPT, to beat Microsoft’s announcements. The app was referred to as an “experimental conversational AI service” by CEO Sundar Pichai.

According to Sundar Pichai, it is still in the testing phase by a small group of users and will only receive a broader launch in the coming weeks.

The New AI-Based Future Of Search

The biggest challenge for the search engines Google and Microsoft are that AI chatbots are a suitable replacement for search. How will the new technology cater to the existing methods of finding information online, and what will happen when any mistake occurs?

Both points are equally important, as AI language systems like ChatGPT have a well-documented tendency to present false information as fact.

Though, researchers have already warned about this problem years back. In history, there have been multiple examples of AI-generated errors since the launch of chatGPT on the web.

One example is making biographical details about real people fabricating academic papers and offering dangerous medical advice.

Hence, this is not an ignorable error. Though, the rise of chatbots has brought attention to the issue. On the other hand, Google has been massively using AI to summarize web pages for years.

Hence, this resulted in high-profile mistakes, such as when Google advised: “hold the person down or try to stop their movements.” In response to a search for “had a seizure now what?”. This was precisely the opposite of what should have been done in this scenario.

Microsoft claimed that we are working hard to safeguard against risks like bias and “jailbreaking.” Though, with this product, we have worked so hard to develop approaches to measurement to risk mitigation”, said Sarah Bird, an AI lead for Azure.

However, the new Bing warns users, “Let’s learn together. AI powers bing, so surprises and mistakes are possible. Make sure to check the facts and share feedback so we can learn and improve”.

Alas, there were some more issues that the company did not talk about. One of the issues is how AI-assisted search could unbalance the web’s ecosystem if AI tools such as new Bing scrape information from the web without users clicking through to the source.

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