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Microsoft Uses OpenAI Tech To Generate Emails For Busy Salespeople

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The latest tweet shows that Microsoft uses OpenAI to generate emails for busy Salespeople

Microsoft, a leading tech company, is adding artificial intelligence capabilities into its daily routine. This time Microsoft is using a customer-relationship app to help win revenue from Salesforce.

Viva Sales, a medium to connect Microsoft office and video conferencing programs with CRM software, will be able to generate email replies to clients using OpenAI’s product for creating text.

Moreover, the AI tools extract information from customer records and office emails, including OpenAI’s GPT 3.5. This is the system that serves as the foundation for the chatGPT chatbot.

In addition, it also helps in emails containing personalized text, information about prices, and promotions.
The Viva sales, in collaboration, has been working with Microsoft Dynamic Customer Management since October.

It’s free for users who sign up for the premium Dynamics versions, costing nearly $40/user/month for Salesforce customers.


In addition, Microsoft has been integrating the AI research shop products and systems into software for computer programmers and the cloud since last month. This occurred when the company announced an investment agreement with OpenAI estimated to be worth $10 billion.

Microsoft has planned and invested an amount in incorporating ChatGPT to enhance its Bing search engine. Moreover, Microsoft executives have spoken about a wide variety of consumers and commercial uses for OpenAI’s work.

Since the launch of chatGPT, it has become trendy among people due to its endless capabilities.
Previously, it was heard that chatbot would replace software engineers as well, but later company denied it and said that it would chatGPT to help their engineers in coding and programming. Hence, speculations about its potential to displace professional writers and endanger Google’s core search business at Alphabet. Inc’s Google.

The company OpenAI that created chatGPT earns money by charging developers to license its technology.
ChatGPT is an active, intelligent, and efficient tool by OpenAI that can answer questions when asked. People worldwide are using it in their daily tasks to increase their productivity at work.

Though, many companies are planning to incorporate new technology into their business to boost their company performance.

Recently, Spotify and other leading companies have been using chatGPT to answer customer queries and calls. Therefore, chatGPT caters to almost every field and department, whether we talk about media or technology. People seem very interested and satisfied after using the new and innovative technology.

Though ChatGPT or any other AI tool won’t replace your job simultaneously, it will provide you with lots of help in your daily tasks.


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