Microsoft launches Personal Vault for OneDrive

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Microsoft has just launched Personal Vault, a new feature in its OneDrive file hosting service that offers extra security for your sensitive files and documents such as passports, ID cards, banking information, etc. Personal Vault is a special section of OneDrive that uses multiple authentication methods, such as fingerprint, facial recognition, code sent by email or SMS, or a PIN to ensure that whatever you keep in it stays totally safe and secure. 

All OneDrive users have access to it as of now, and all you have to do to access it is press on the bank vault icon in your OneDrive app, or on your OneDrive account online. The app offers you the option to scan your files directly to Personal Vault so that you have a copy of your important documents on your person at all times. This feature also saves users from having to even store their sensitive documents in less secure places like their camera roll in the first place.

OneDrive will sync any files and documents stored in a Personal Vault securely to Windows using BitLocker encryption on a portion of the hard drive that it is stored on. Personal Vault will also automatically lock itself as soon as the user presses on anything but their vault, as well as if the user is inactive for some time, hence increasing security even further.

Microsoft will allow users of the free or 100GB OneDrive plans to store up to three documents in their Personal Vault at a time, whereas users with Office 365 Personal and Office 265 Home subscriptions can store as many files as they want to in their vaults.

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Source: Microsoft

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