Microsoft rumored to launch Android-powered smartphones soon

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A Microsoft employee has revealed that the company might launch Android-powered smartphones soon. Microsoft is reportedly planning to push back into the smartphone industry by launching Android-powered phones. Their primary focus (in smartphones) used to be on the Windows 10 Mobile platform but that turned out to be a huge failure. The company ditched the platform and its entire product lineup as a whole.

In recent times, Microsoft has sold normal Android phones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 on their website. Both the phones carried minor upgrades from the stock versions, such as a built-in Microsoft productivity apps suite. Microsoft hoped to remain a force in the market by reselling famous phones but sadly, both these phones (especially S9) saw low sales relative to older models.

Microsoft admitted the death of the Windows mobile back in February 2018 and since then it has refrained from commenting regarding smartphones and their plans regarding the smartphone market. Interestingly, however, a Microsoft support agent has spoken out about Microsoft’s plan to unveil a smartphone powered by Android. Look at the agent’s correspondence with a representative of Windows Latest below:

As evident from the conversation above, Microsoft’s team is working on a new line of phones. The phones will be powered by Android, not Windows 10 Mobile edition or any other Windows platform for that sake. The phone will be Microsoft-branded, which marks a huge step ahead for the company who only offered customized versions of other manufacturers’ phones in the past.

The phones have not been officially confirmed yet and that raises a lot of questions over the authenticity of the agent’s claim. After all, if a corporation of Microsoft’s scale is working on a project, I’m sure they’d warn their employees from leaking information in order to preserve the sanctity of the development.

However, if the agent’s claim is true, I for one am super excited! How amazing would it be if Microsoft debut an Android phone with modern flagship features and put in the conventional Microsoft productivity suite in it?! Eagerly waiting for an official confirmation and keeping my fingers crossed; what about you?

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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