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Microsoft rumored to launch Android-powered smartphones soon

A Microsoft employee has revealed that the company might launch Android-powered smartphones soon. Microsoft is reportedly planning to push...

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Jul 16 · >

Microsoft is killing Windows Phone

The head of Microsoft’s Windows division says that Windows 10 mobile is not going to be a focus for...

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Oct 9 · >

Windows Phone is officially dead now

11 July 2017, this date marks the day that Microsoft is officially killing support for Windows Phone. Windows Phone...

Jul 12 · >

iPhone sales in one year, 257 million – Lumia sales in 5 years, 110 million

Barely five years have passed since the launch of the somewhat-promising Windows Phone, but if Microsoft’s new sales figures...

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Jan 29 · >

Why Windows Phone is worth a try

Android is a great smartphone platform with ever growing popularity but when you have been using it for more...

Aug 18 · >

Top 10 best budget smartphones

If you are on a budget and don’t have much money to buy an expensive smartphone, don’t feel sad...

May 25 · >

Top Text Messaging Apps for Mobile

As you might have heard, text messaging apps have surpassed SMS messaging for the first time ever, according to...

May 4 · >

10 things I hate about Windows Phone

I have been using windows phone for a long time and find it pretty fluid and fun but that...

Apr 14 · >

10 things I hate about Android

I have been using Android Phones for a long time now, despite the fact that I am a ‘fandroid’...

Apr 7 · >

5 Windows Phone Apps for learning

Khan Academy Perhaps no one has done so much work single handedly then this man did for the education...

Mar 6 · >

5 Must Have Windows Phone Apps Before Travelling

These are 5 must have Windows Phone App recommendations before you hit the road. Tripadvisor Before you hit the...

Mar 3 · >

10 Must have fun games for Windows Phone Users

Although Windows Phone is a little behind Android and IOS as of now but the game hub of  Windows...

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