Microsoft starts selling the Lumia Windows Phones once again

Written by Sajeel Syed ·  1 min read >

Microsoft Windows Phones are back from the dead, temporarily.

Last year in October, the head of Microsoft’s Windows division said that Windows 10 mobile is not going to be a focus for the company, anymore as the number of users is too less for the company to invest. Whereas quite recently Microsoft admitted the death of Windows 10 Mobile and Microsoft Senior program manager, Brandon Le Blac confirmed that Microsoft is no longer providing any new feature and handset for Windows 10 mobile.

Recently, a range of Lumia phones has reportedly returned from the dead. Window Latest discovered the Lumia handsets on Microsoft store’s site. We are still not sure, whether anyone actually bought one of the doomed smartphones, but they’re now listed as “unavailable.”

According to the Window Latest,

“You can buy Lumia 950 from here and Lumia 950 XL from here. Microsoft is also offering a special discount on Lumia 650 for students, while for everyone else, it’s available for $199 from here and Lumia 550 from here.”

It is likely that Microsoft still has some stock of these devices left in the stores that it wants to clear out. And it looks like that the company was trying to end that stock, and if the site links are still showing the “unavailable” sign, it means that that you have possibly missed your last chance of getting your hands on a Windows Phone.

Meanwhile, the company has shifted its focus to developing apps for iOS and Android devices, including a host of features that make it easier for folks to switch between their Windows PCs and smartphones.

The rumors about the upcoming foldable Andromeda, a Surface Phone have also started catching more heat, but right now that seems to be very far from becoming a reality.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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