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Musk Reacts On ChatGPT Passing US Medical Licensing Exam

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According to the report, chatGPT has passed the most challenging exam and secured more than 50% marks. Since the launch of chatGPT created by OpenAI, it has been a hot topic for every conversation over the internet.
ChatGPT has almost all the capabilities to pass any exam. It has been trained to do programming and algorithms as well. People are still wondering about chatbot capabilities and power.

Hence, the tool has passed some prominent exams, including MBA and US medical licensing. It has passed the Wharton Business School MBA exam for the final test. Moreover, it has also given the University Of Minnesota Law School exams in Constitutional Law.

Now the chatGPT has passed the US Medical Licensing Exam, Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk has criticized the chatbot.
In a tweet, Mr. Elon Musk responded to a tweet that informed about the chatbot’s capabilities and said, “I am sure everything will be fine.”

ChatGPT is so intelligent and efficient that if anyone asks about anything, it gives speedy, detailed answers in just a few seconds. It is a creation of OpenAI, a company in which Elon Musk and Microsoft have invested a massive amount.

ChatGPT has taken its place very quickly and demonstrated what it could do. The tool works smartly and can write complex essays, draft marketing pitches, and produce poems and jokes. Moreover, it can quickly draft a speech for a Congressman in the United States.

On the other hand, people also fear that it may take human jobs in the future.
Currently, the most remarkable achievement of chatGPT is passing the US Medical Licensing Exam. According to the news, researchers looked at the chatGPT capabilities of upper bonds in a pre-print study.

According to them, chatGPT scored over 50% in one of the most difficult standardized tests around the US Medical Licensing Exam(USMLE).

Moreover, to test the chatbot, researchers sit in a mock, abbreviated version of the USMLE, which is mandatory for doctors to get a license to practice medicine in the United States.
The researchers fed questions from the last exams to the AI tool and had the answers. The answers were open-ended to multiple-choice questions, independently scored by two physician adjudicators.

Additionally, they ensured that the solutions to those queries weren’t already available in the dataset that the chatbot could access after training.

However, the team observed that ChatGPT performed very well at passing the US Medical exam without specialized training or reinforcement. Even though chatGPT didn’t see the answers.

The overall performance was brilliant as it secured more than 50% across all examinations and approached the USMLE pass threshold of about 60%.

“Therefore, chatGPT is now comfortably within the passing range,” the paper concluded.
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