A mysterious green line appears on some iPhone X devices

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Looks like a lot of flagship devices are facing some issues with their displays. First, it was the screen burn-in issue with Google Pixel 2 XL which Google fixed in a recent update as it turned out to be a software issue. Samsung did not let the opportunity go and mocked Pixel 2 XL’s display in a video. Now it seems like the iPhone X is also facing an issue with the display and this time, it is more severe.

Some users are reporting that they are seeing a “green line of death” at the edge of their devices. The green line is very permanent and stays there forever. Users even started restarting and resetting their devices but the line did not go anywhere and it seems like it is a hardware issue. Here are some of the tweets.

Apple has not spoken about the issue. It looks like the issue is cased either because of the display controller or by the ribbon cable connecting the screen. Or it might be because the display is sending incorrect voltage at the edge of the screen and causing the voltage to flow to all green subpixels down the line. Whatever the reason is, the issue should not be there on the “best smartphone display ever”.

However, the users who are facing the issue were successfully able to get their phones replaced from their local Apple stores. So if you are facing the same issue, you should return your phone to your nearest Apple Store and they’ll replace it for you instantly.

This is not the first time iPhone devices faced an issue. Who can forget Antennagate where the iPhone 4 faced a reception issue but Apple did not accept its fault and said that people are holding their phones wrong. Later on, iPhone 6 faced Bendgate where iPhone 6 was bent in some users’ pockets. But Apple did not make any statement on that issue as well, probably it thinks that users are putting the phones in their pockets wrong. Now let’s see if Apple has to say something about the current issue.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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