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Nokia Plans to Set up 4G Mobile Network on the Moon

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
4G Network Moon Nokia
According to details, Nokia plans to launch the 4G network with the help of SpaceX rocket this year

The people on earth have been enjoying 4G internet for over 14 years now, however now the technology will take off and provide people with high speed internet on the moon.

Yes, you did not read that wrong, Finnish telecommunication company ‘Nokia’ revealed that it is making preparations for setting up a 4G network on the moon, later this year. This mobile network, once set up, will advance lunar discoveries and help astronauts that visit and explore the moon in the future.

According to details published on Nokia’s official website, the 4G network will be launched with help from SpaceX, who will send the network system to the moon in a SpaceX rocket.

Details suggest that the network system is built on a rover, which can move from one place to another, depending upon the requirements. This rover has the ability to create energy from solar power, thus powering both itself and the 4G network.

Inside of this rover is an antenna-equipped base station, which is equipped with a Nova-C lunar lander, ensuring a perfect launch.

It’s suggested that the 4G network rover will be landed on Shackleton crater, a crater located on the moon’s southern limb. Made to be sturdy and tough, the 4G technology will be able to bear the harsh climate and environment of the moon.

The primary reason for the launch of the 4G network is the Artemis 1 project, which is planned to be the first human landing on the moon’s surface since 1972. It’s said that the astronauts landing on the Artemis 1 project will be the first to experience the 4G network on the moon.


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