Nokia’s Steel HR smartwatch pre-orders finally started

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The pre-orders for the Nokia’s hybrid smartwatch, Steel HR, has been started and the watch will start shipping in December. Nokia promises that if you pre-order the watch now, you’ll get it in early December before anyone else (Well that’s the purpose or pre-ordering something, no?

Nokia Steel HR is a mix between an analog watch and a smartwatch. The watch has a small screen which shows you necessary information such as notification alerts, calendar, messages, and more. The watch also comes with a heart rate monitor and it got its name from it. Nokia promises more than 25 days battery life which is a lot more than most of the smartwatches in the market. Moreover, there is a power saving mode which will add 20 more days of battery life. Which means that a single charge will last you up 45 days.

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Nokia made the watch announcement on Twitter.

The Steel HR is waterproof up to 50 meters and it uses a sapphire glass over the heart rate monitor to ensure waterproofing. Nokia says that their watch comes with an enhanced heart rate tracking algorithm to give you accurate results. It also comes with automatic swimming detection and counts how many calories you burnt during a specific swimming time. It also shows you the distance traveled and some other data like continuous monitoring while exercising. It also comes with a sleeping monitor which will track you even when you are asleep and has a smart alarm clock as well to wake you up during your light sleep.

Nokia Steel HR-1

The watch comes with a selection of leather, silicone and woven wristbands and you can choose between any of them. You can also choose the colors from Black or White and the body comes in 36mm and 40mm sizes. The price for the 36mm model is $179.95 and for the 40mm model is $199.99. Nokia says that the quantity of the smartwatches is limited so if you want one, you need to pre-order it from Nokia now.

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