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“Not Restricting Kids From Social Media Was a Mistake” Says Elon Musk

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Elon Musk
The Twitter CEO claims that his kids are now programmed by websites like YouTube and Reddit

Twitter CEO, Elon Musk recently made a statement saying that not restricting his kids from social media usage is one of the biggest mistakes that he made. He went on to say that his children, who are fairly active on different social media platforms, are now programmed by websites like Reddit and video sharing website YouTube.

“I have not tried to restrict social media for my kids, which might have been a mistake. They have been programmed by Reddit and YouTube. I would limit social media a bit more than in the past, watch what they are watching” said the Twitter CEO while addressing the World Government Summit held in Dubai.

According to different sources, Elon has a total of 10 childrens, with the eldest being as old as 18 years and the youngest one named ‘X AE A-XII Musk’ being just 2 years old.

Apart from discussing his children’s social media habits and the dangerous social media addiction problems, Elon Musk also discussed many other topics in his 35 minutes long address at the World Government Summit.

Topics of discussion included Artificial Intelligence (AI), the possibility of aliens in the universe, politics and Elon even dived into the possibility of a single-world government.

Talking about his recently purchased organization ‘Twitter’, Elon Musk said that he will hand over the organization to a new CEO by the end of the year, however he said that until then he will have ‘to make things right’.

“I need to stabilize the organization, make sure it is in a financially healthy place and the product road map is clearly laid out,” he said.


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