Now you can share pics on Instagram without the app

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May 9, 2017
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Instagram, to pursue global growth, has given its mobile website a massive upgrade by adding core features of the main app including a lightweight version of ‘Explore’ tab and photo-sharing.

With this new update by Instagram now one can share pictures through the mobile website without using the app.

At first, the users of the Instagram could only browse, like, follow and see a notification on the stripped-down mobile website but with the update, the users can now share a picture through the mobile website. At the beginning of this year, Instagram began adding ‘sharing from mobile’ web. Few features are still missing which include ‘Filters’ and ‘Direct Messaging’.

While talking to the leading tech media platform, the company said, “The new update is being done to help people have a great experience irrespective of the device and network they use.”

“The company aims to target 80% of its users living outside of the US,” as reported by Techcrunch. Moreover, this updated mobile version will help users to skip the app downloads wait time, data cost and storage needs.

This mobile version will help Instagram stay a step ahead of its competitors such as Snapchat which is video-heavy.

Another social media giant Google has also introduced massive updates.

Google offered two updates to its users; it fixed the asymmetry in Chrome’s ‘new page’ tab while secondly, it upgraded Gmail app for Android users that now features better phishing protection.

While YouTube is also going to revamp its Website and has released a preview of the new user interface, the updated UI employs better material design to deliver a delightful and intuitive user experience.

Feature Image source: Mashable

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