NUML and ARID students protest government decision to reopen institutions due to physical exams

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The government today announced the schedule of reopening of institutions starting with Grade 9 to 12th classes which will commence from 18th January whereas the remaining will commence from 1st February. As per the trends on Twitter, students might be okay with the reopening of institutions but they certainly are not okay with the physical exams after spending their semesters almost entirely online.

Twitter nowadays has become a powerful force for everyone where you can freely protest and create movements. And ever since COVID started, students have been using Twitter more and more to voice their concerns to the government and other officials. At times these movements have been effective, such as when the O-Levels grades issue was raised and at another when we highlighted that FAST and IBA Sukkur were taking on campus exams. Later on, the exams were rescheduled when we further highlighted the issue.

This was the announcement made today:


Now we come to this particular case where students are outright rejecting physical exams. Is it right or wrong? We will leave that to readers but in the meantime, do read what the students have to say at least:

A professor at the NUML university also responded:

And apparently here is a video of a professor snoring in class:

ARIDIANs have also designed posters for their own campaign:

Meanwhile this guy pointed that the education ministers attended through video link while we are being called on campus:

What are your thoughts regarding these campaigns? Do you support this sentiment? How can we improve the quality of education in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments.

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