Nvidia Workbench Promises Generative AI Development Possible For Everyone

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Nvidia AI workbench is an easy to use, unified tool kit that enable developers to quickly create, test and customize pre-trained generative AI models and Large Language Models on workstations or PCs.

Recently, Nvidia announced workbench, which promises to make generative AI tool more compatible for developers. The workspace enables developers to develop and deploy such models on different Nvidia platforms. One of the easiest and simplified user interface enable collaboration across AI project teams.

It offers streamlined access to famous repositories like GitHub, Hugging face, and Nvidia NGC. AI workbench will create the complete process significantly more manageable and approachable.


In an announcement, Nvidia confirms that there are multiple hundreds and thousands of pre-trained models that are currently available. However, making them according to your requirements takes time and effort. That is where the workbench steps in, simplifying the process.

Generative AI helps make the process easy for developers and enables them to customize and run generative AI with minimal effort by using every necessary enterprise-grade model. The workbench offers different frameworks, libraries, and SDKs from Nvidia’s own AI platform, as well as open-source repositories like Hugging Face and GitHub.

Once developers will customise, the models can easily be shared across multiple platforms. Generative AI models are feasible enough that they can work anywhere. Devs running a PC or workstation with an Nvidia RTX graphics card will be able to work with these generative models on their local systems.

In addition, it also scales up to data centres and cloud computing resources when it is needed. Manuvir Das, Nvidia’s vice president of enterprise computing states that “Nvidia AI Workbench provides a simplified path for cross-organizational teams to create the AI-based applications that are increasingly becoming essential in modern business”.

Nvidia also reveals its plans of introducing the fourth iteration of its Nvidia AI enterprise software platform. This is specifically designed and aimed at offering the tools required to adopt and customise generative AI. This splits into multiple tools including Nvidia Nemo, which is a cloud-native framework that enables users to create and deploy large language models LLMs such as Google Bard or chatGPT.

Nvidia is constantly making its place in the market. Recently, it has achieved a large number of stocks in the market and made its position. The company is tapping into the AI market rapidly at just the right time. Not only with the workbench but also with tools like Nvidia ACE for games. With the current development of Generative AI models like chatGPT, it is safe to predict that many developers would be interested in Nvidia’s one-stop shop easy solution. Though, it is still unclear whether it is a good thing for the rest of us, as some people use generative AI for questionable purposes.

Remember that AI has the potential to react abnormally on its own like in the early days of Bing chat. As many people begin developing and training these various models, therefore, abnormal or problematic behaviour will rise. But if everything goes perfectly fine and according to the plan, the Nvidia AI workbench could undoubtedly make it easier for businesses to implement new generative AI.

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