Opera’s browser now features quick access to Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram

Written by Ali Leghari ·  50 sec read >

Following the updates by Google, Opera has also revamped and updated its browser and it looks cool. Considered as an underdog in the world of web browsing, Opera has made a pretty smart move this time by adding new features.

The web browsing company had been working to reshape its desktop browser for the past couple of months. The most astonishing feature added by the company is the ‘quick access’ to Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram. Now users will be able to open chats from Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram with just one click.

The said features are built directly into the browser interface on the sidebar. The new browser somehow looks similar to the Google Chrome.

In the beginning of this year, Opera introduced Opera Neon which was an experimental browser with a chat-while-you-browse feature being the best. Inspired by the same concept, the Opera passed on the features of Neon with some upgrades to Opera’s updated browser named as Opera “Reborn”.

Apart from the messaging sidebar, Opera is also featuring updated browser in two themes: light and dark. The browser’s color theme can be managed in the “customize start page” panel and in browser settings.

Animation on the updated browser is quite something which makes Opera “Reborn” more alive and playful. Moreover, this browser also features ad blocking facility.

The icons and Speed Dial designs are also new.

Feature image source: Opera