Opera blamed for offering predatory loans through Android apps

Tehreem Farooqi • January 20, 2020

Opera launches new browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet

Faisal Saeed • April 10, 2019

Opera becomes the first browser to offer a native crypto-wallet

Shehryar Ahmed • July 11, 2018

Opera rolls out a new mobile browser for one-handed use

Talha Saqib • April 26, 2018

Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner calls Google a bully and says they are misusing power

Maryam Dodhy • September 6, 2017

Opera’s browser now features quick access to Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram

Ali Leghari • May 10, 2017

Opera makes free VPN available for all desktop users

Shaoor Munir • September 22, 2016

Microsoft’s experiments show that Chrome is the worst browser, in terms of battery life

Saad Mughal • June 20, 2016