Opera launches new browser with built-in cryptocurrency wallet

Opera has launched its new web browser “Reborn 3” with built-in cryptocurrency wallet integrated inside. The cryptocurrency wallet in...

Apr 10 ·>

Opera becomes the first browser to offer a native crypto-wallet

Opera has expanded its portfolio of crypto tools with the addition of a built-in Ethereum Web3 API tool. The...

Jul 11 ·>

Opera rolls out a new mobile browser for one-handed use

Opera Touch is the newly launched mobile browser from Opera that packs some exciting features in it. The new...

Apr 26 ·>

Opera founder Jon von Tetzchner calls Google a bully and says they are misusing power

Google just can’t seem to catch a break. Amidst the gender diversity crisis, a former Google collaborator is calling...

Sep 6 ·>

Opera’s browser now features quick access to Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram

Following the updates by Google, Opera has also revamped and updated its browser and it looks cool. Considered as...

May 10 ·>

Opera makes free VPN available for all desktop users

Over the past few months, Opera has been making a lot of strides with users by making tools like...

Sep 22 ·>

Microsoft’s experiments show that Chrome is the worst browser, in terms of battery life

Microsoft has conducted a series of battery test experiments to show which browser is the most battery efficient. The...

Jun 20 ·>