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Orient unveils Orient Smart LEDs

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Recently Orient unveiled their latest innovation. Orient Smart LEDs are now equipped with Orient Play Hub; the first of its kind in Pakistan. In the recent years Orient has emerged as a manufacturer of one of the most cutting edge and innovative products in Pakistan.

Innovation has always been the key driver at Orient. Be it an air conditioner or an LED TV, Orient has always strived to leave its mark by introducing something new and unique for its consumers.

Orient’s Smart LED TV is Pakistan’s first quad core powered TV with android technology. Orient Play Hub gives you a one screen solution to all your entertainment needs. A freedom of accessing TV shows, program schedules, channel previews and various apps at the click of a button.

It has a TV Guide feature that allows the user to check status of various shows on multiple channels simultaneously so they can select a program based on how much it has been played. Besides this it also gives details of the programs and movies like its cast and box office ratings so you can choose the most popular programs or watch movies of your favorite actors and actresses.

The Now Playing pane shows program preview at a glance. Its Picture in Picture feature gives you the freedom to browse through the list without having to switch channels. The Live Streaming option gives uninterrupted entertainment. It lets you access various channels and programs via the internet that are either not available through your regular cable operator or if the cable service is experiencing technical difficulties. If you want to watch a particular program that is not on the list, all you have to do is access it through the Video on Demand feature.

Its Breaking News Notification feature keeps you up-to-date on current national and international news through selected TV channels powered by Orient Play. Program/Movie Info feature gives detailed information about the programs or movie being aired on different channels which helps you to make an informed choice from the list of channels available.

Its unique feature the Orient Play Remote turns your mobile phone into a remote control which means no more looking for the TV remote under the cushion or behind the sofa; carry it around in your pocket. The Auto Update function is powered by website; keeping the system updated. Every time you are connected to the wifi, OrientPLAY Hub automatically updates the system in the background without you having to do it manually.

These exciting additions to the Smart LED range gives a unique TV experience. Orient lives up to its brand idea, “live in innovation”, by introducing such groundbreaking products. This is just another step into the future of entertainment, Orient still has a long way to go and there are a lot more innovative products for the consumers to come.

Written by TechJuice
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