PAC Concerned Over Nadra Data Leak:A Matter Of National Security

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Islamabad: Noor Alam Khan, Chairman of the public accounts committee (PAC), expressed his aggression over the recent National Database Registration Authority data leak, describing it as a lack of cybersecurity and a compromise on the country’s integrity. It depicts a threat to the country’s survival.

During the meeting, chairman Noor Kaam Khan highlighted that it is a significant threat and the leaked data of every Pakistani citizen being sold was a severe negligence of our security and a threat to the nation’s security. On Wednesday, he called for the authorities to show the leaves data for further investigations as FIA officials faced resistance from NADRA officials. One of the NADRA officers approached the high court during the investing the investigation process.

Under the supervision of Noor Alam, PAC met with the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) to receive a briefing on the data leak case. The Chairman said that the leaked data was stolen and sold, which is a breach.



Chairman requested the chief justice to grant permission to thoroughly inquire about this sensitive case, emphasizing the importance of preserving the country’s integrity. Chairman Noor Alam Khan highlighted the necessity of conducting a fact-finding investigation into the data leak in Nadra and the corruption in the National

Testing Service (NTL). The judiciary stands at 128th in the world.
Considering the ongoing discussions, the PAC ordered a thorough fact-finding inquiry into both cases; the primary objective is to uncover the extent and bring the real faces of data leaks and NTL corruption to the public.

Moreover, he stressed that it is a sensitive matter of national security. Based on the fake findings, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has directed the case into the data leak and corruption to the National T20 League (NTL).

During the meeting, another critical piece of news brought under consideration by interior secretary-arms licenses was obtained through fake letters in the Names of the National Assembly (MNAs). As a result of this fraudulent activity, four individuals were arrested, which also caused delays in processing legitimate licenses for lawmakers.

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