Pakistan to open its first free University soon

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July 5, 2018
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Pakistan is all set to open its first free university on Independence day, 50kms away from Lahore, in Kasur district.

Mohammed Amjad Saqib who is the executive director of Akhuwat, a microfinance company which provides interest-free loans in Pakistan, has started this initiative to provide easy access to higher education in the country. The university is aimed at providing free education to the people who cannot afford to pay their academics expenditures.

Saqib talking about the initiative said “Education is the ultimate solution to our problems, we can not advance and compete with the international community unless we have a head start in education, but it is unfortunate that a boy from a poor family may be able to teach for ten years. to follow but no higher education can follow We do not do justice to our talent. ”

The university will be one of its kind where 20% of students from each province will come to get an education without any tuition fee. The university is currently offering pre-medical, pre-engineering and ICT courses. To get admission into the university, students must take 75% marks in the matriculation examination which will be followed y entrance test conducted by the Akhuwat university management.

The university is also accepting donations for the less privileged people to get the education. If you want to join this great social cause click here.

Akhuwat was established in 2001, with the objective of providing interest-free microcredit to the poor so as to enhance their standard of living. currently, it is Pakistan’s largest microfinance institution. This is the largest individual based lending programme in the country and is referred to in many international universities as a unique and innovative model in microfinance.

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