HEC announces new scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degrees in Hungary

The Higher Education Commission has announced that applications for the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program are now open. The Stipendium...

Nov 23 ·>

Only 10% of IT graduates in Pakistan are employable, according to study

IT is a booming sector in Pakistan, and one that has the potential to scale new heights over the...

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Jul 15 ·>

University Students are being Rusticated for Protesting Online Classes on Social Media

Students around the country have been protesting unsatisfactory online classes and universities charging full semester fees despite the coronavirus...

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Jun 10 ·>

Govt scraps university at PM House project, brings in new plan

One of the most ambitious and grand plans devised by the current government upon taking office was the conversion...

Jun 24 ·>

Comsats University faculty members boycott exams to demand proper service structure

The faculty members of Comsats University, Islamabad campus in particular and other campuses too, have boycotted exams to demand...

Jun 18 ·>

Superior University’s startup stands first at Pakistan’s biggest tech conference

Superior University’s startup, EyeAutomate made history at Momentum Tech Conference – Pakistan’s biggest annual tech conference, by winning first...

May 10 ·>

Pakistan to establish a high-tech university in Sri Lanka

In its move to exchange modern tools of technology and theoretical foundations for supporting education between Pakistan and Sri...

Mar 27 ·>
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Pakistan to open its first free University soon

Pakistan is all set to open its first free university on Independence day, 50kms away from Lahore, in Kasur...

Jul 5 ·>

Higher Education Commission announces indigenous scholarships for 5000 scholars

HEC has announced Phase II of “Indigenous PhD Fellowship for 5000 Scholars”. It is now encouraging applications from scholars...

Apr 16 ·>
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Govt to provide electronic wheelchairs to handicapped students in universities

The Federal Government of Pakistan has taken the decision to provide modern electronic wheelchairs to handicapped students belonging to...

Apr 6 ·>

Bitcoin’s price may reach $100, says Harvard economist

Bitcoin’s highly volatile nature is no secret to the world. Its price reaches a skyrocketing point at a time...

Mar 7 ·>

Teams make catapults and simulate the Hunger Games at LUMS Psifi Day 2

LUMS Psifi’s second day ended on Sunday, yesterday. The first day of Psifi consisted of the opening ceremony and...

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