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Path Android App
Path Android App
Path – Android App

I have been using different social networks for quite a lot of years. My journey started with MySpace and then I moved to Orkut and then I joined Facebook as it prevailed all over back in 2007. I use Facebook, Twitter, Intagram and Google+. All of these websites have helped me a great deal in building relationships and healthy friendship with a great number of people I never knew! 🙂
In all of the networks I mentioned, we share our thoughts, pictures, videos, interests and other things with almost everyone! I have a very strong Friendbase on Facebook but all of the people in my friendlist are not my best friends! So it becomes a bit messy and complicated when I want to share anything with my close friends and family.
Path Android App is a social networking application that allows you to share your precious moments of life with your close friends and family. Path application comes with a  friends limit of 150, this means you will have to take extra care of who you add on Path – Else you’ll have trouble adding the people who you really care about.
This application has a very gorgeous interface – the user experience is amazing. Once you open it, you will absolutely fall in love with this app. Path has all the features you could as for in a social networking app. You can message your friends, you can share moments, your location, music you are listening to and much more. If you want to cross post on social networks then you can do that also with Path app, currently Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare are available to share the updates!
Another amazing feature of the application are the cute Stickers that you can share with your friends to share your feelings and moods. There is also a Sticker Store that can be used to purchase the bundles of your choice.
Path is highly recommended to all those who want to keep their lives a bit private and share their life with only close friends and family members. This is the only android app that has a huge user base and still ‘5 Stars’ rating!

While I was writing this post I noticed this post on Facebook by Path Team.
“We reached 10 million users today, and we couldn’t be more excited. Thanks to all of you who helped us hit this milestone!”

Congratulations Dave Morin, Congratulations Path Team 🙂


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