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PM swiftly orders suspension of senior officer after Citizen Portal complaint

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According to local media reports, a Pakistani who had recently filed a complaint on the Citizen’s Portal got his issue quickly resolved after PM Khan took swift notice of the complaint and ordered the initiation of proceedings against the culprits from the Islamabad Land Revenue, in response to the complainant who was being denied possession of his plot.

The aggrieved had said, “I know the matter will not solve unless the government takes action against this corrupt society (referring to the place where the plot is situated) but I will try my best. I hope any honest officer will take a step against this society. Many people invested in this society but they could not get possession for the last 12 years. I therefore again 8th time request you kindly take action against society for our possessions. I shall be highly grateful.”

According to the Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU), an inquiry was initiated as per the premier’s instructions against the Circle Registrar’s office in Islamabad. The deputy registrar cooperative society Islamabad was immediately sacked after being found guilty.

Moreover, the chief commissioner of Islamabad has also sent a recommendation to the ministry of interior for the suspension of the circle registrar on the same grounds.

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Written by Ahsan Zafeer
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