PTA has extended SIM Verification Deadline

By TechJuice on
February 25, 2015
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At the moment, SIM verification seems the most difficult task for students and professionals. For all the lazy people out there, SIM verification dates have been extended. The new deadline is 14th of April, which means you still have a bunch of more weeks to get the SIMs verified. This is the last extension of the date and all the unverified sims will be blocked after the deadline.

According to PTA, more than 53 million SIMs of 38 million users have been verified throughout the country within the past six weeks through biometric screening. Syed Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, has said that more than 49 million SIMs will be verified within the upcoming deadline of 14th April.

The national database is being compiled to put a full-stop to ongoing terrorist activities in the country. The whole biometric sim verification process was started after the December 16th Peshawar School attack.

Source: Custom Today

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