Punjab Police launches app to monitor legal affairs

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

The police department has always been criticized for not handling the legal cases, more importantly, criminal cases, properly in the courts. Similarly, due to this citizens don’t bother themselves to go to the police to file a complaint concerning a crime. However, this may change in future as Punjab Police has launched an app named Police Legal Affairs Monitoring App to monitor how officers are handling legal affairs in the courts and also to evaluate their overall performance while pursuing the case.

According to the police department, the information related to different cases and remarks, directions of courts and date of hearing will be included in the app. Officers who are working on legal cases will keep updating the data of the case, so that the important cases should be monitored by senior officials, including regional police officers (RPOs).

Inspector General (IG) Punjab Police retired Capt Arif Nawaz has ordered police department to use and utilize the app to complete legal cases on time without any delay. Moreover, the chief further asserted that the application would allow police and legal police officer to monitor crime cases pending the courts.

He also ordered that legal police officials without any delay would immediately submit proper and error free replies in the courts with regard to pending writ petitions.

The IGP said that training and short courses about this application should be organized for the officers appearing before the court so that they can use the app properly.

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Apart from the Police Legal Affairs Monitoring App, just recently Lahore Police has also launched Local Eye App to curb criminal activities from the city. However, according to police, the app will not be available to all instead 3,500 elected representatives will be given access to the app.

Featured Image Source: DailyTimes