Ram’s New Electric Pickup Concept Makes Tesla’s Cybertruck Look Outdated

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  • Ford and General Motors are already in a race of electric vehicles. Ram is playing catch-up
  • On Thursday, it revealed 1500 revolution concept at CES
  • Ram plans to launch it in 2024, the sleek,futuristic Cybertruck

Ford and GM are already selling electric Cybertruck. Whereas, GM is planning two new e-trucks from Chevy and GMC for year 2023. Recently, one major truck makers Ram has also entered in the market.

However, the brand has just given an overview of its product but it looks quite fascinating. On Thursday, the brand revealed the 1500 revolution concept at CES 2023.

Ram has introduced some features and specifications of its pickup. The Revolution looks smooth, sleek,  futuristic and unlike trucks today.



The Revolution has cameras in place of regular side mirrors, a feature that is not legal on US roads. The doors are highly modernized where it’s front and back doors swing open in opposite directions, like on Rolls-Royce.

According to the company, it is very spacious and endlessly customizable. The objective is to provide third-row jump seats that can be installed inside or outside the car and a centre console that can be completely removed to free up space.

Moreover, a workstation can unfold from a center console. It provides two touch screens for around 28″ of display. However, the bottom screen can easily be re positioned in different ways or detached for use in different parts of the truck.

Hence, to accommodate larger cargo,a powered mid gate can retract to make a pass through between the pickup’s cab and bed. We can also see this feature in the upcoming Chevy Silverado EV as well.

According to Ram, the design enables you to load objects up to 18 feet long into the trunk of the car while keeping the tailgate closed.

The Revolution also includes tried and true Ram truck features like a tailgate that opens in multiple directions and a toolbox integrated into the side of the bed.

The most fascinating feature is an exterior projector that can make a movie night happen anywhere. In terms of capability, Ram didn’t give a range estimate but said the Revolution can add 100 miles of range in 10 minutes.

It has an ability to charge at a rate of 350 kilowatts, more than most EVs. It’s powered by two motors and has all wheels drive. Whereas, the concept rear wheels can turn up to 15 degrees to aid maneuverability in tight spaces.

Moreover, Ram says it will unveil the production version of its electric truck ” in the coming months”.

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