3 reasons why you should buy a stock Android phone

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  1 min read >
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Stock Android aims to address the performance problems faced by most users by eliminating bloatware present on OEM phones. Take Samsung TouchWiz UI for instance, it has been under heavy criticism since it is a resource hog. Alongside that, most users may not prefer the customizations made by the manufacturer. Changing everything to the core of Android can complicate things and the usability of the phone becomes difficult.

Let’s explore the benefits of vanilla Android over the modified versions by Samsung, LG and other manufacturers:

1. Exceptional Performance

The main selling point of the Google Nexus lineup and now Google Pixel is the exceptional performance of the phones. Since they aren’t held back by the bloatware loaded onto other phones by OEMs, stock android phones are insanely fast. My Nexus 5 still performs superbly to this date whereas other phones with the same hardware such as the Galaxy Note 3 get stuck very frequently.

2. Simple and free from bloatware

Usually, phones from OEMs have modified Android versions running on them. They also add their own apps which in most cases are useless and can take up the storage of your phone. Stock Android is free from all this and that is the beauty of it. You will also not need to worry about unwanted notifications from apps you didn’t install or don’t use. This makes using the phone incredibly easy and simple.

Users who have 16GB storage space or less with no expandable memory options have the greatest benefit from this. With no third party apps, you are free to utilize the entire phone storage in any way you want. If you think that your phone lacks customization then think again. There are thousands of launchers and tools which can help you style the look of your phone if you want. I recommend using Arrow Launcher from Microsoft since it is ad-free and features a nice and productive layout. Use RAR if you want to manage your files in Android.

3. Monthly updates

HTC will bring Android 8.0 Oreo to U11 and its other flagships at the end of this year. Users with stock Android phones don’t have to wait so long for updates. If your phone has the compatible hardware to run the new Android, it will reach you before it gets to anyone else first. Vanilla Android straight from Google with all security updates and without any meddling from OEMs or other. Google Pixel and the compatible Nexus flagships will be the first to get Oreo from Google.

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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